Tono returns from prison, having spent the last five years there for stealing lumber. He returns to his home village of Čierny Hron to find that everything has changed: he is a stranger to his wife, he hardly knows his 5-year old son, and he cannot find a decent job because no one wants to hire a thief. But Tono does not want to earn his living by stealing, the way he used to. He even loses his close “buddy” Štefan, an influential local businessman with growing power in the region.

His childhood buddies – Marek the Catholic priest and successful businessman Peter – do their best to help Tono find his way back to normal life. Unfortunately, they have their own sources of problems and suffering – the problems of men over 40 – and have to cope when their image of life is confronted with the harshness of reality. Tono feels lonely and desperately looks for a way out of his problems.

This captivating story, set against untouched mountain scenery, portrays phenomena that are typical for Central Slovakia: patriarchal families, problems with poachers, racial discrimination and lumber theft. It also illustrates a strong tradition of family bonds, faith, friendship, and love and bears all the features of a classic drama. Who would have guessed that this story could take place in the 21st century, in the heart of Europe, just 50 kilometres from the regional capital?